Saturday, March 27, 2010

Forever a student?

"I like to learn, but I don't like to be taught" ~ Winston Churchill

I'm momentarily wallowing in self-pity... Why? Cuz this is my 1st totally free moment of today... Saturday... and Saturday's almost gone. 

I'm pursuing my MBA... it's not really something I wanted to get into but more something I feel like I should do - it seems to be the next logical step. Does it make me happy? Jury's still out... especially when I get home at late hours and have no time to just be. Will it be beneficial? Yes, at least in terms of being marketable and getting a job and such...

I like learning... I like the content of the courses and the discussions that arise. I like interacting with people in class and observing and contributing and just generally I like the growth involved. One of my teachers is fond of saying that an MBA is not just a piece of paper but a life experience and when you come out of it you think and operate on a whole different level. It amuses me cuz I think that every day is a life experience that changes your thoughts and operations...perhaps others don't see it that way?

I'm tired. It seems like I've been saying that a lot lately and maybe that's what needs to change. I need to be manifesting vitality... just so I can keep up with work and class and group projects and all the drama that is life... 

For now, I'm going to bed. 


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