Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moved by the music...

"We pass through hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of existences. In each lifetime, we're exploring another part of our own self, which is eternity." ~ Frederick Philip Lenz, III

This is an in-between post... a post that I'm just posting as I feel the need to instead of it being planned that oh! I have to blog! ... Does this mean I'm getting into the hang of blogging? Perhaps...

I'm in serious love with One Republic's song "All the Right Moves"... It makes me feel like dancing... and singing... which is perhaps what great songs do. Am aware that people's love of music is subjective... I myself have such a wide span of music love that it's hard to pinpoint what I do and don't love.

Am also in serious love with the video for that song... it is gorgeous. Masquerade balls? Ballroom dancing? yup... I love it. Stuff going on behind the scenes yet in plain view? Love love love... lol 

Was watching the video today though ...whilst in work... I really should be working... ergh... anyway. Was watching the vid today... and remembering how much I love stuff that has those elements... ballroom dancing... fabulously dressed ballroom ppl... Phantom of the Opera's Masquerade scene is one of my *favourites*... and am thinking to myself... why do I like it?

Does it speak to a part of myself that I don't know about? Was I around in a past life in that time period? I believe in past lives... fully and completely... if it offends you dear reader then don't read this post. I love the dresses and the general air of how that time is portrayed but am quite sure I would not have liked having to dress up and such that way all the time. Is it that my major liking for comfort clothes now is a throwback to such a time? Who needs corsets anyway? Except in certain circumstances of course. Am also sure that what is portrayed through film and theatre now - the elements which I really like - would have been a small part of life in that era. It shall remain a mystery I guess...

I've done past life readings both with people and by myself (through the use of Tarot) and what I do know is that when people say I've got an old soul the best thing to do is smile mysteriously cuz it's a truer statement than they think.


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