Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Moon in Aries tonight...

"The New Moon is a time best suited to making new beginnings! For the first 48 hours following the exact time of the New Moon each month, a window of opportunity opens for making wishes that, if written down, come true in the days and months ahead."

There's a new moon in Aries tonite.. time to prepare for change as this moon is for flying free... let go of the old... make room for the new. According to (one of my most favourite sites on the WWW), "the New Moon signifies the conjunction of the Sun and Moon as they occupy the same sign of the Zodiac. The Moon appears to be invisible because it is eclipsed by the rays of the Sun. This is an excellent time to retreat and reflect upon what you want to create for the coming month. Meditate, get clear about your intentions and for added power, write a list of what you want to manifest."

It's time for me to re-center... focus... determine what I want and put the energy into making it happen. In two weeks it'll be my birthday and I believe the full moon... excitement for me is having the full moon on my birthday. I've always been into the moon and its cycles... perhaps because I'm female? perhaps because once in a past life I was dedicated in service? perhaps because night time is the right time? lol... I don't know and I don't think I need to know more than the fact that I tune into that energy easily. It is soothing and yet exhilarating all at the same time. 

What would you like to manifest? Now is the time. Make your lists... set your intentions... breathe. 


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