Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finding space...

No time for appropriate quotes nor can I think of any...

I board the plane for NY in minutes... How fast can I type?

Questions.. So many.. Headache.. Due to lack of sleep? Arranging  travel arrangements? Cold airport flooring on bare feet? Arguments.. Discussions.. Plans.. 3 states 11 days.. 3 assignments 13000 words..

Maybe I'll find a moment to rest on the plane?

Have you ever wondered why there are spaces between the doors and the doorjambs of public restrooms? Why? Are public-restroom builders encouraging exhibitionism?

Leaving the country in election-fever.. He says.. She says.. Time for a change.. do you really not know who you're voting for?

Airhostesses passing in sky-high heels.. Almost time to board.. I'm in need of a vacation.. Here's hoping this time away will be..


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