Monday, May 10, 2010

The Reality of Hummingbirds

"It is not peace we seek but meaning." ~Lawrence Durrell 

Today I looked out my dining room window and saw a hummingbird perched on our wire fence. I'd always thought that hummingbirds couldn't sit still cuz they'd die or something dramatic like that but there it was... casually resting on our fence... I went for the camera but distance and the fact that although it was sitting it's head was constantly twisting and turning meant that pics taken were pretty blurry. It makes me wonder though... if there are other things I believe to be truths that aren't really truths - what are they? Will they reveal themselves to me in time?  

Am not sure where I got the idea that hummingbirds couldn't sit still but it was a shock to see it there. As am sure anything that you think to be true or real - and then you find out it isn't - would be a shock to you



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