Sunday, June 13, 2010

Of Princes and Politics...

"Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility." ~Louis Armstrong 

After making (and stating) that decision to blog every day till Saturday... I missed blogging on the first day. Ah well... as Burns says 'the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry' or askew... or... whichever translation you've got really. Truth is I didn't make it to my computer as I fell asleep instead. Here I am now though and we'll see how the rest of the blogging week goes... 

I've been meaning to talk about politics cuz there has been a lot of political-type changes happening in my country lately. I haven't gotten around to it because I'm not one to get into too much of that - I care about stuff yes but talking about all the drama? Not something I do. I've heard that it's not good to talk about two things in polite company: religion and... politics. This is my blog though and if you don't want to know my thoughts... feelings... opinions... then - move away from this page. If the contents of this blog offend you in any way... that's your story to deal with. And hmm... maybe I should use that line as a disclaimer. Lol

The reason I'm writing about this now though? I went to the cinema and saw Prince of Persia. While it's not a completely fabulous movie - it is pretty good. And there was a bit of nostalgia added to it in my case as way back when (10 - 12 years ago?) my brother and I played this game on our computer... tried to see who would win ... who would get the furthest... that sort of thing. The movie though shows all those relationships and responsibilities of people who are in charge of people... Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and Advisers. One sees the opinions of the citizens of the empire - and how they may in no way coincide with those of the rulers. There is a battle for power and the triumph of good over evil. Like I said... it's a pretty good movie :)

We've had a change in Government with our recent elections. Something that I believe has needed to happen for some years now. Why? Cuz our last Government was seriously messing us up. Power corrupts it is said and perhaps that is what was happening. With our resources (natural, intellectual, financial) Trinidad and Tobago should be so much more than a third-world, developing country. It all comes down to management though... and when the persons in charge mismanage ... or manage for their own benefit instead of the country's then there's a problem. There's been private use of public funds, favouritism in a lot of areas, perhaps good vision but poor implementation and shoddy work. Prioritisation of projects that make sense to few... would you put money into tall buildings or food crops? Stadiums or hospitals? I'm glad there's been a change. 

It remains to be seen what this new Government will do. It's unique in that for the first time there's a woman at the head - as I've said in previous posts, we've got a woman Prime Minister now. Perhaps it's sexist of me but I believe fully that women are better suited for both management and governing... a country is just a larger family unit after all and from experience and observation - in T&T it's women that keep families together and functional. Apart from that there are the checks and balances - persons in charge of Ministries with actual experience. Accountability of a sort due to the fact that it's a coalition in charge. Not just one political party but a few... each seeking their interests but also committed to the interests of the people. There is for me - hope - that things will get better. 

There are a lot of trials to be faced by this new Government... the sad state of our financial affairs... floods and now we've entered the Hurricane Season... rising food prices... employment... unemployment... housing... education... health. Security. I hope they take their responsibilities seriously... I hope for positive changes.  I generally have hope that they shall lead us into a better place. 


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