Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something new...

"Only those who ask for more can get more and only those who know there is more, ask." ~Alan Cohen

It's amazing to me that one can live with or know people for... forever (all of one's life or all of that person's life) and still learn something new about them every so often.

I've learnt recently that my mum likes to watch World Cup Football... Since World Cup 2010 is in progress this month there's been a lot of excitement relating to teams, players, countries etc. It's a tad bit exhilirating... We're (my mum and I) supporting Germany. My mom cuz she worked out a chart system with all the teams... and myself cuz... why not? Germany looks like a good team to support :) World Cup fever has hit Trinidad and Tobago and now that's what's being talked about wherever you go. It's just too bad T&T aren't in but -  they've got time to prepare for World Cup 2014... I remember how excited everyone was when we got in to the last World Cup by winning Bahrain. Granted after we got in our team failed to win any match and was thus eliminated early on... the point is that we got in!!! lol ..  We can do better with practice though I can imagine how T&T would totally shut down if we did get in... There's a television in our lunch room at work... One of the media houses has set up a giant screen in Port-of-Spain so that persons can view the games. 

It's all very exciting.. Who are you supporting?



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