Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm a driver.

"Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do." ~Jason Love

Although I've had my driver's license since 2005 (yes, I was late getting it), I only really started driving last year. As of November 2009, I am the owner of a car... which explains really why I started driving. When you don't have your own car you tend to drive less simply because it's easier to either travel where you want to go or ask someone with a car to carry you wherever.

I like travelling... via taxi, maxi or bus... when I'm abroad I like travelling by subway and train... It is entertaining and eye-opening - there is so much one can discover about a place by travelling with public transportation. It's also really useful to know, in case you get stuck somewhere, how to get home without much assistance.

Having a car opens up a new means of transportation. It is more solitary. You are part of the hustle but yet separate... cocooned in your own metal bubble. I've discovered that I enjoy singing more - maybe it's cuz I like music... maybe cuz I want voices to fill the space and the only one there is mine (usually... sometimes my girlfriends are in the car and then we all sing along). Then there's the question of manners. How polite are Trini drivers? It's been said that we're the worst in the world... with all the bad drives and road rage around it's hard to be polite at all times. It's a question of staying centered... and balanced... 'yes, I shall let you through but not you... don't push... flash a smile and please, let me through'... It's not about male drivers or female drivers but about people trying to get from one place to the other.

I arrived late to work this morning - two accidents on the northbound lane of the highway... I know the roads in Central pretty well though ... so while a lot of people were stuck in crawling traffic I was making my way through the back roads... I confess - I didn't reach to work late because of traffic but because I found myself with some time to go to the bank and whatnot - I actually arrived before a lot of my work people.

It's still a strange experience having a car... less worry of how to get places... more worry about the cost of gas... mileage... fans and belts and how often do I need to check oil again? It's freeing in a way - more responsibility in a way... I wonder what other people think. Road hogs and responsible drivers... T&T has so many vehicles now.

Saying a prayer for whoever was involved in those accidents this morning... Saying a prayer to protect myself and those I love, care for, like, know... just about everybody really ... to be safe on our roads.


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