Monday, January 3, 2011

Bitch. Moan. Sigh. Breathe.

"You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, I release the need for this in my life."  ~
Wayne Dyer

This is probably not the best way to start the new year. But. I feel the need to scream. Except that if I tried then I'd be unsuccessful - screaming isn't exactly something one does when one has the flu/cold/virus - mucus: not one's friend. I ache all over. Should've stayed in bed today but I'm trying to be a good employee and turn up for the first day of the work-year (I'm applying for 2 weeks off at the end of January - if I'm here now then there shouldn't be any problem with letting me leave then... right?). I realise that I'm the ONLY one in my MBA class to think so though. No one has gone to work today. Why? Dissertation due in tomorrow. Even those rare persons that are finished are at home making sure all be well with it. Ergh. I'm not done. It is currently the bane of my existence. Seriously. Bane. B.A.N.E. Such a bad word - makes you wonder about those parents that name their children that. My head hurts. Does anyone really care about epistemology and ontology and the like? How many persons know what that is? Does knowing what it is make me a better person in any way? Meh. Bad morning kinda. Yes, dad, I am aware that this happens everytime I have a major assignment to hand in. Perhaps I'm not the person to be doing assignments that need to be handed in? Last night I had a flash back to Form 5 ... I seem to remember doing my Principles of Accounts SBA in three days before the due date. Oy. My eyes hurt. Why is the sun so bright today? or is it that I'm constantly on the computer or reading or such? My ears hurt. Why does the dog bark so loud? why does he not remember which gate he has gone out from? Yes, mom, I know he's just an animal. Just an animal does not cut it this morning. Tears in my oatmeal - I think perhaps I should suggest to theoatmeal to do a comic on the stresses of getting a dissertation/thesis/paper/anything done when you don't really give a hoot. I should give a hoot... ? Maybe. Perhaps I should suggest it to hyperbole and a half as well. I'd really just like to go back to bed. My insides hurt. Because of course now is the time when I should feel like there are tiny people carving out my insides with pickaxes or cutlasses or whatever. Yay world.



So I'll write a happy Happy New Year! post sometime later this week. When I feel somewhat alive - and happy.


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Herschey's Kisses said...

Hey tomorrow it will all be over...and what de hell you doing in work today!! girl go home eh!! u have big fish to fry will be there on Wednesday...i hope that u are at least home tomorrow??