Wednesday, February 2, 2011

'Connected in spirit, bound by love' ~ part of a prayer from my mama.

"In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I often have a lot of different thoughts that I'd like to post about. The ones that get posted are usually what's at the forefront of my mind or something I've been stewing on and so, whilst I do want to write about travelling and how fun it is, this post is about soul groups.

Don't know how many persons have heard the term. Or believe in it. Or are open to considering the idea of it. I believe in the idea though - that persons (or souls) reincarnate together in groups to help each other along - learn lessons, grow, etc.

It is said by various authors (first really saw it in the Celestine Prophecy) that the family we come with, the friends we are close to and persons that we are drawn to make up the groups that we belong to. We are all connected. Am currently in the process of organising a birthday lime for one of the members of my girl group - I've always found myself in girl groups - there aren't that many guys I'm connected to. So we'll go somewhere, spend time together and talk about life and relationships and etc.

Last night my mom had her mostly-girl group over - all people around her age (some older some younger) - they talk about spirituality and growth, about setting and fulfilling intentions and generally about being better people and contributing to the world - I think my brother and I are pretty lucky to be counted as members in that group (he's one of two guys in it). We're lucky I think cuz while I'd like to have persons my own age that I can talk such stuff with - I don't know how ready my own girl group is for that... friends my age that can speak of it are far away - email and msgs aren't as great as in-person convos.

I guess in time we'll get there. Or I'll find that group that's willing and able to discuss such topics. In the meantime, I'm enjoying what groups I have - the family and friends that are my support - whether they know it or not.

Have you found your group? Are you a member of a group without realising it? Whatever position you find yourself in - ultimately I think we all need to remember the simple fact: we are all connected - there's always someone there - you just have to be open and allow for communication to happen.



Rachel Rampersad said...

I'm part of your 'work' group lol

Unknown said...

lol.. yes, u are...