Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maha Shivratri tonight...

"Different paths to realization are prescribed by the three Vedas, by the Sānkhya, Yoga, and Shaiva doctrines, and by the Vaishnava shāstras. People follow different paths, straight or crooked, considering one best or most appropriate for their temperament, but all paths lead to You, just as different rivers flow into the same ocean." ~ Shiva Mahimnah Stotram (Hymn to the Glory of Shiva) 

When people ask me what religion I follow I usually comment that: 'it says Hindu on my birth-paper'. This is largely due to my mom (her background is Hindu) than my dad (I'm still not quite sure what his beliefs are... when I was much younger and now learning about religion I thought he was an atheist but no... I found out later that his family is Christian). As a Trini though I can say [quite calmly] that I've got family that belong to all the major faiths in our country - as in Hindu, Muslim and Christian (Presbyterian and Roman Catholic)... this is part of our culture... part of what makes us Trinis... our diversity. 

I like the freedom of being able to choose to follow whatever concepts or beliefs resonate most with me. I have taken part in Buddhist and Native American Indian rituals. I would like to whirl with the Sufis at some point in my future. My background though is strongly Hindu (again because of my mom). I wouldn't change it... mostly because in reading and listening and experiencing the energy of it - it resonates with me. 

Tonight is Maha Shivratri - in years past I have kept the vigil though tonight I won't because I'm working tomorrow (and can't take the day off or go to work zombie-fied). At least once in your lifetime, whatever religion or faith or belief you hold, I'd recommend keeping a vigil - for prayer, devotion, contemplation. It is an experience that lets your soul breathe - or at least that's what it feels like to me. As though in one night I can come close to understanding what there is to understand... of attaining the unattainable.



Anonymous said...

Sadly do not understand.

Also do have hindu family, but only vague idea of what the beliefs are.

Anyways, do have an onocologist you would recommend?

My sister, a doctor, in the cold land, is unhappy with treatment plan.

Really has no idea what Trini is like.


Unknown said...

I like to know about other beliefs.. to me it makes sense to know of stuff before you choose what you want.

My mom sees Dr. Dhanessar through the hospital (St. James) .. He also has an office in Woodbrook. Different people have had different experiences with him as I guess with other doctors as well. We're fine with him.

If she's unhappy she can perhaps suggest what she thinks it should be? Talk about her suggestions with the doc.

I know how it can be annoying.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes I think, I just need to know I am not alone.