Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Question for the masses: If you could live in the time of a great master (past or present) who would it be?

"The soul is here for its own joy." ~Rumi 

 It's a holiday today - I spent the morning half of it reading 'Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment' by Deepak Chopra. I get fixated on books - if there's one that I've started reading that *really* captures my interest - I don't stop reading it till it's done. This is why my entire morning was spent reading about the Buddha and also why I spent the entire evening yesterday reading 'Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment'. There's one more that needs to be read 'Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet' - unfortunately we don't have it (though as soon as I'm able I shall find a book store). It is my belief that, just as events happen when they're supposed too, books are read when they're needed - both of these books have been in my house for some time (I believe my brother bought the one about Buddha and my mom bought the one on Jesus) but I hadn't gotten around to reading them till last evening/this morning. 

I totally recommend. They are fictional tales of what may have been the years/story we do not know of in the lives of the Buddha and Jesus. The storytelling reminds me somewhat of the Avalon series of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L. Paxson. The Avalon series - which I dearly love and adore (my favourites being Priestess of Avalon and Ravens of Avalon) - focus on the early history of Britain as told from the viewpoint of women... according to the Wikipedia site, the series: 'Through a set of stories that spans several centuries, it tells of how the mystic isle of Avalon was created, its history, life in Britain under Roman authority, and how Avalon and its ancient traditions faded from the world because of a new religion, Christianity.'

When I read the world slips away such that most of my awareness is focused on the story (perhaps this is why I'm such a bookworm?)... and it is this that has led me to the title of today's post. If you could live in the time of a great master ... who would that person be? ... when would it be? ... would you return to the physical realm again and again with the same master? ... would you be the master?  - I guess I should note that when I say/write 'master' I don't necessarily mean a male being... There is a significant lack of information regarding enlightened females. A google search which in this day and age leads to much information gathering doesn't reveal that much (perhaps I'm using the wrong search terms?) ... what I did find? This most interesting article by Osho who states that:
"A woman cannot be a Master — it is not possible. When a woman arrives she becomes a Mistress, not a Master. The fulfilment of a woman is love. The flowering of a woman is love. Mastery is not the goal of the feminine mind; they don’t become Masters, they become Mistresses. To be a Master is basically a male effort."

I do not know whether I'm seeking enlightenment. I'm trying to understand my purpose for being. I'm trying to make this world a better place. Sri Vasudeva in his talk today has said that:
"The human experience is one that Nature affords us. Nature has created the physical body so it is not part of our spiritual makeup. It is a vehicle for the experience of this earthly dimension or earthly plane."
Everything I've read and heard recently feels like a reminder to myself - it is all something I know already... something that I can look at and agree within myself that 'this is so'. What more is there to be done? We are all journeying... there always seems to be questions. 



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