Thursday, April 14, 2011

Body awareness...

"You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." ~C. S. Lewis

I've been feeling achy lately... in an I've been in this position too long (I'm at a desk most of the day) or I've not stretched much kinda achy. I know that exercise would help. I know that this is what my body wants and really that I should get involved with some sort of discipline... yoga, tai chi, dance - I've been exposed to a lot of stuff but at the moment I'm finding it hard to get going, to start something. Inertia... I'm feeling it myself.

I'm a fan of America's Next Top Model... It's interesting to me to see the poses they can drop into (or have practiced or are coached into). This week one of the models was told that when she's not modelling - not in the photo-shoot moment - she needs to be aware of what her body expresses cuz for models they're judged both on and off camera. It's the same for everyone I think...

In yesterday's talk, Sri Vasudeva speaks about body awareness... it's an interesting talk and the discussion (which I missed most of because I'm at work) was even more interesting... what really stands out to me (and to my mom too apparently) is this paragraph:
"It is therefore extremely important to understand, "What does my physical body truly need to be well and supportive, and to be resilient in the human experience? What does it need from me that it can serve me the best, so that we can co-exist in a harmonious and purposeful relationship?" This requires cultivating physical body awareness in an objective way. In a way that you truly understand the body, its intelligence and its needs, being able to see the difference between its needs and your desires, covering or masking those needs. That is extremely important. Be in touch with your body."
I remember, when I was in secondary school, one day as I climbed the stairs with my friend that she said to me, "Ren, you always have the best posture...". I need to get back to that. Need to stretch, to move, to breathe a little bit more.

Maybe you can encourage me?



Anonymous said...

I do yoga with Susie..

Other exercise, I am thinking about taking up latin dance... in a lesbian dance class, someone has actually also been inspired by RENT. Joanne and Maureen.

I would say, go for a massage.. my other new hobby. Easier to let your muscles be exercised for you.

Oh just go to the beach for the easter weekend.

Unknown said...

I'm going to start back doing yoga - from May... I think I've been too focused on work and the MBA... but the MBA finishes this April so time will be available. Need me some stick-to-it-iveness..

Thinking about getting a massage for my birthday... have wanted one since the year began just haven't gotten around to getting it. :s

I <3 dance.. am thinking of taking classes again though maybe Indian this time..

Incidentally I woke up with Maureen's 'over the moon' lyrics in my head.. lol.. have fun with the latin dance :)