Friday, April 15, 2011

Current Status: Hooked on the song 'I feel pretty...' from West Side Story

"I feel stunning... and entrancing... feel like running and dancing for joy!" ~Maria: West Side Story

It is of course a most wonderfully, happy song. It is stuck in my head. I feel like listening to it over and over again. When a song is stuck in the head of a friend (or two - as is my case)... and then they mention it repeatedly... singing... posting it on facebook... posting it on twitter... searching all the different versions of it on youtube... it tends to get stuck in your own head.

This song has been stuck in the head of my girlfriend since she heard we were going to see West Side Story a few weekends ago. It was a girls' lime in support of local theatre (and because we like musicals). It was produced by Caribbean Theatre Productions and the cast was made up of mostly teenagers from different schools throughout Trinidad (and Tobago? - am not sure) and some older, established actors. It was well done I think... set design was amazing, singing was really good, dancing was fairly good, acting... was alright.. lol... I had a good time with my girlfriends (we loved the singing... oh, the songs - they are wonderful!)... Since that weekend which was maybe 2 or 3 weekends ago... this song has kept popping up. Which song? This song:

This is the Julie Andrews' version which is the most beautiful that I've heard. If you want to see how it looked in the musical/movie though, here's the version with Natalie Wood. My friend from work (who also went with us) has found versions of the song done by Sesame Street... and Jack Nicholson (with Adam Sandler)... it's such a fabulous song... and one I think all girls (ladies, women... any female anywhere) should sing to themselves.

When it's not this song, the other song in my head is this one from Rent... which incidentally my workfriend and I saw the week before. I'm really happy that local companies are doing these musicals. Rent, produced by Proscenium Theatre Company, was EXCELLENT. Set design could have been better... but the singing was amazing. The actors were fabulously wonderful. *sigh* ♥

Wishing you a weekend filled with song (or dance... or whatever is your thing)...