Monday, April 11, 2011

A fantasy land story ...

"Imagination is the true magic carpet." ~Norman Vincent Peale 
Inspired by this statement from a guy friend: "in fantasy land, where corporations were evil and work was punishment, of course I'd be delighted to bring you a joy filled cupcake on my loyal steed"

Once upon a time in a land not-so-far away, a maiden was doomed to slave for an evil corporation. Each day she arose hoping that it would be the last, but such was her fate that until the time that she (or some other close member of her family) won the lotto she must continue to toil. Weekends offered a brief respite from her punishment though this often led to a dismal Monday morning as the truth of her situation settled in on the maiden.

One day, the maiden learnt of a new and magical place… over the highway yonder… which sold joy-filled cupcakes. These cupcakes were said to boost one’s happiness through its magical chocolate ganache, to increase one’s positivity through its heavenly butter-cream and to raise one’s spirits with its divine deliciousness.

The maiden plotted with her friend to escape the clutches of the evil corporation … just long enough to obtain a cupcake. Alas, it was not to be… at the very moment of escape, the maiden was called upon to use her powers of editing and writing to create documents that would further the work of the evil corporation. The maiden's friend was also thwarted in her attempt as her steed was corralled by minions of the evil corporation. In desolation, the maiden retreated to her cubicle… chained to her desk by the powers of darkness. All hope was not lost however, as the maiden was able to send out a single call for help through the ether.

A wizard, feeling the vibrations in the ether, took note of the call and determined to assist the maiden (and her friend) by journeying forth on his loyal steed, Hoss, to obtain the magical cupcakes. He battled through the fearsome maze known as Cross-crossing and then ventured forth through hordes of crazy Trini drivers. Finally, under the heat of the noon-time sun, he arrived at the magical place. Quickly, he exchanged a few pieces of silver for a box of joy-filled cupcakes and then took the most direct path to the evil corporation.

The wizard soon learnt that it would not be easy to get to the maiden. Calling upon his own powers of charm, he outwitted the Golem at the Gate and made it through to the maiden upon whom he bestowed the box of joy-filled cupcakes...

No more was the Monday miserable... the cupcakes immediately lifted the spirits of those that consumed them... and further, brought thoughts of freedom and escape to that magical place. 

Of course, none of this took place. I had to work all day. No-one was able to bring me cupcakes though I did get after work with my mom and brother. There's a new cupcake place (open as of last Wednesday) in Price Plaza, Chaguanas... known as the ButterCream Cupcake Bistro Ltd. Very posh... very pretty... very yum... 

Happy Monday all!


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