Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day! Happy Good Friday!

"Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty." ~John Ruskin 

I'm not sure if it's that I'm moody cuz I've had the flu... or if it's just that I'm moody... or if it's after-effects of pill-taking (it takes a while for one's system to settle)... I have a lot to be happy about though... to be thankful for... and so this Earth Day/Good Friday that's what I'm doing...

Today rocks because:
  • it's a holiday! maybe not in other parts of the world ... in Trinidad and Tobago we've got a long weekend... Good Friday - Easter Monday = holiday! 
  • I can see in the sun again (somewhat)! - the thing with me and the flu (cold? virus?) is that my eyes get super-light-sensitive such that sunshine/glare is very evil. I'm mostly better though so yay!
  • I got a kitten! - for my birthday (next week - he's an early birthday present)... our cat Simone who is gorgeous and fabulous and the best cat in the world went missing a little over a month ago - I couldn't even bring myself to blog about it... Depression... sorrow... sadness... who knew what became of her?! Am hoping that wherever she is now she's in a better space. And today, my brother brought home a kitten... who can in no way replace my Kit Kat (Simone)... but... he's so cute...
  • My family makes me happy - I mean, my brother got me a kitten... I know how much drama he would have had to have gone through with dad to get him to agree to a kitten... and also... my dad agreed to us having a kitten (I'm a bit shocked by that... secretly I think he's also more of a cat-person)... and also my mom sent me this amazingly funny earth day card... I ♥ you people...
  • I had callaloo today... which I made... which I love... lol... so yes, my belly is important...
It's Good Friday... I tried the egg thing this morning... without my mom... am actually not 100% sure I did it correctly but... there were patterns... what do you all see in it? 
It's Earth Day... this video is amazing... makes you think really... how much can we do - how much do we do? Got this prayer in my in-box from Natural Rhythms - I think it's definitely worth sharing.

Earth Honouring Prayer
Precious Earth, the beauty of your nature uplifts
and nourishes our bodies and souls.
The majesty of your mountains reminds us
to structure and form our lives.
You remind us to take solid, grounded steps
as we build firm foundations with gratitude.
Through your ability to contain, you give us the
ability to walk, skip, and dance.
You teach us to celebrate the gift of our bodies
and the treasures of the physical realm.
With you, we are able to touch our loved ones
and to feel the tenderness of a kiss.
We open to embody wholeness as we learn to honour
the sacred in your realm.
You train us to value the deep wisdom of the body
and to tend to its needs.
Thank you for your cycles which help us align
with the organic timing of change.


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