Friday, April 1, 2011

I got fooled.

"It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humour."  ~Max Eastman

It's the first of April - known to the world as April Fool's Day... I got fooled - as I have been every single year as far back as I can remember - by my dad. Honestly? Why Dad... WHY??? 

It's always something silly - and also may I add - totally believable! Aargh! Every single year! I fall for no other pranks than my dad's. It's frustrating is what it is - every year I prime myself up the morning of April 1st - my own pep talk: 'he won't get you this year!'. Alas. Every year. *GRUMP* ... though... of course I have to laugh about it. 

Every year it's something different - and it occurs at different times of day... it's in no way predictable. I was telling my work people at lunch today that I was on edge because he hadn't done anything yet - they asked for an example of what he does and I couldn't think of anything - it had been a year since the last prank after all. I can say what this year's prank was though.


I got home from work this evening around 6 pm. My dad was outside - he opened the gate for me. Nothing out of the norm there. I got out the car ... we ole talk a lil bit... he said he put the cupboard doors up in his new kitchen. 

Perhaps this prank requires some back-story:
My dad's been building his own mini-kitchen. We're not sure why as he doesn't cook nor has he ever shown any inclination of wanting to until quite recently. My dad is also very much a believer of 'doing things yourself'... because then whatever you're doing will come out how you want it to (my dad's also a bit... picky). This is why I have knowledge of tools and why for the Carnival weekend I helped to tile and put in plumbing for this new mini-kitchen. Only major thing left to do was to build the cupboards. He's had them framed out this weekend... he's been working on it in the afternoons. This past week we were nearly overpowered by the smell of termite-treating-stuff (stuff that makes termites not eat wood... I think)... We've had much discussion about type of doors ... and how many would be needed ... and the style ... glass? no glass? type of wood? what height should the cupboard be in the room (I'm short you see... our cupboards must cater for this). Earlier this week I got home and he'd put up the frame - only thing left to do was to put in the doors and shelving.

In my mind then, it's perfectly logical that when I reach home tired out from work and etc and my dad tells me (all-excitedly) that he's put up the cupboard doors that that means he's put up the cupboard doors. It also makes sense to me that as soon as I reach inside my house he'd grumble for me to put down my bags and 'come see how d doors looking' - because that's how my dad is (one must pay attention to him). 

Of course by now reader you've probably figured out that I went to see doors and there were none. Admittedly it took a moment for me to register why there would be no doors when he'd said there were. *sigh* really? and the thing about it is that he always starts to laugh hysterically. Each and every time. 

Maybe I shall plot for him for next year. I must start from now you see... because I'm not a prankster at all. Any ideas? 

Hope you all had a safe and fun-filled day...


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