Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My love/hate relationship with heels.

"For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places." ~Min Seo Hyun

I was minutes away from buying a new pair of shoes yesterday. Good thing my brother was there to stop me [remind me I have no need for/no money for such shoe]. It was pretty though and as I think about it now it occurs to me that I should have taken a photo (I wonder if it's still there?!). Picture if you will: a stiletto heeled-closed toe-pump in a sorta turquoise-blue ... shiny (patent leather? I don't know - tried not to spend too much time with it). It was pretty. In a statement-making way. *sigh* I secretly want it - and yet at the same time I don't. I tried it on you see... and whilst it looked *amazing* on my feet if I had to spend time in it I would surely have squashed my little toes. Because women's shoes aren't made in the shape of actual feet. I know not why. If I'd gone a size up - it would have fallen off as I walked... it's a good thing that I did not buy it. Really. *sigh*.

All this shoe talk may make you think I am shoe-obsessed. I'm not (really... I'm not). I am female though... footwear is something special. I tend to value comfort in my footwear over style any day. This is why I own a pair of Vibrams which are beyond comfortable and yet, according to my friend, make me look as though I've got hobbit feet. I also own a pair of FitFlops (since maybe 2008?) which are by far the best slippers I've ever owned. My work shoes? I'd like to say they are fabulous and skinny-heeled and make me look like a sexified-professional woman... but... I walk a lot - I'm on the third floor... it's all stairs (today I've been up and down the stairs four [4] times thus far)... My feet would give up on me if I did that to them - so I wear a moderate-non-skinny closed-toe heel. I like sneakers. My most favourite shoe of all time? A pair of black Timberland hiking boots that I wore till I could wear them no more. Flat shoes rule.

High-heeled shoes? Makes a woman feel a range of emotions starting at powerful... passing through fabulous... ending up at sexy or super-confident. I've had my share and I will continue to buy them... because they're pretty... and make my legs look like wow. In fact, read this post by my friend and shoe-a-holic and you'll get some understanding of why I'll still buy and wear high-heels (and high-high-heels... or any shoe with a heel) even though I know that at the end of the wearing either my arches will hurt... or my toes... or my soles... or my knees... or all of the above really (seriously .. some high-heels are just made for sitting in).

Flat shoes rule ... but heels are oh-so-fabulous.


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