Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Message to e-mail spammers...

Spam – noun
( lowercase ) disruptive messages, especially commercial messages posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail.

A post dedicated to Shoeaholic and her spam-inspired facebook status...

I don't get much spam in my inbox. This is because I've got my filters on high, I don't subscribe to many things and I delete daily. The spam I get is sometimes annoying, sometimes amusing, always unwanted. Spam does not enrich my inbox or my life in any way and I have been thinking about blogging about it for some time - I guess Shoeaholic's fb status is the push that is needed.

Here then is my message to e-mail spammers out there:  
  1. My parents (mostly my dad) have taught me how to take care of my finances - I need no unsecured loans - no banking advice of any kind that I have not personally sought.
  2. I do want to win the lottery. When I actually buy a ticket and it wins I'll know. I don't in any way believe that my name was randomly entered in another country's lottery draw.
  3. I also would like to go on a vacation... however, any email that I find in my junk mail folder is approached with a somewhat pessimistic attitude - free vacation? really?
  4. I don't randomly click sites that say 'click here'.
  5. I'm not interested in meeting people online or enrolling in sites that allow for this unless these sites are verified. Some random email from a person with 'cute pics' would not get my attention... it's not the way to get a date with me either.
  6. I'm perfectly capable of going to a drugstore. I'll only take free pharmaceuticals or pharmaceutical advice from persons that are either very close to me (my family) or persons that are qualified to do so.
  7. I like my body as is - yes, I need to exercise... no, I do not need weight loss drugs/programmes.
  8. I've already got my degree... in fact I've almost got my MBA. If I want to further my education in any way I'll do my own research.
  9. I don't have a penis. I was born a woman and I plan to stay that way... as such, I do not need any sort of penile enhancement drugs or equipment. I do not need anything that would make me 'last longer'.
  10. Videos/pics of major events happening or not happening don't interest me either. I stay informed with the news... anything I want to find out will be found out on actual news sites.
I hope that on reading this list all you spammers out there will realise that it's not worth including my email addresses on your spamming lists. Unless your goal is to be as annoying as the whining of a mosquito then I'm afraid that this spam will get you nowhere.


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