Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The pictures in my head are pretty...

"Now is the time to know that all that you do is sacred." ~Hafiz

It's the beginning of the work week and I'm feeling... dreamy? not quite here... Just had a long weekend which was both tiring and relaxing, friend and family filled. Yesterday was Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad and Tobago. I went turtle watching on Sunday... didn't see any turtles. Also went to an apartment-warming on Saturday... one of my girl ppl is getting married next month and has found an apartment to live in with her future hubby. It was both a very long and a very short weekend.

Drove to work in the rain this morning... why is it that rain falls when you're out but not when you're at home? What do you think of while driving? ... do you think while driving? I do. Thoughts of how fabulous a driver I am now when just recently (2009) I wasn't really driving - I think if you don't have your own car then you don't really drive much.. it's only since I got mine that I've become a fabulous driver. Switched from news on the radio (somewhat bleh and vexing) to Bond (amazingly fabulous! I've got this cd!)  which inspired pictures in my head of beautiful people dancing to latin music.. and also geishas and samurai... and also what-may-have-been-Regency-inspired couples dancing... dancing and fighting are very similar in my mind.

Been thinking lately about life and life stages and purpose and such... we've got a house guest at home - a friend of my brother's who is what I consider to be a Very Serious Seeker. It makes me wonder what sort of seeker I am. I'm happy knowing that there is more to the world and myself... I don't know whether or not I'm driven to find out about it. Enlightenment. Hmm.

There's a new moon in Gemini tomorrow as well as a solar eclipse. Time to see if I want to start anything new or breathe new life into stuff that I've put down (I realise that I've developed a habit of starting but not finishing stuff... that's not good).

I'm not doing much of anything today... it's a very-not-crazy workday which somewhat allows for not-work-related web surfing.. some interesting things?
  • This article from National Geographic - this quote was what made me read it: "We used to think agriculture gave rise to cities and later to writing, art, and religion. Now the world’s oldest temple suggests the urge to worship sparked civilization."
  • This guest post by Liz Kalloch on the blog: Creative Every Day
  • Farewell letter from Alan Rickman who according to It's Just Movies, 'has portrayed Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor and Potter’s nemesis Severus Snape with alarming perfection' - it's the end of an era as the final Harry Potter movie comes out in July... I've enjoyed both the books and the movies and, whilst I maintain that the books are definitely better, the story told through both books and movies is excellent.
  • Something for your kitchen - 6 DIY spice mixes from around the world...
  • Something for whoever likes to play dress-up - The Princess Maker (I confess to making 13 .. yes, 13, different princesses...)
Wishing you a fabulous week ahead...


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