Monday, June 27, 2011

Apparently I don't look tanned...

"If some people didn't tell you, you'd never know they'd been away on a vacation." ~Kin Hubbard

My response to that is that if I were to take my clothes off then one would definitely see where my tan lines are.
Tobago is beautiful... a more relaxed and rural version of Trinidad. The people were friendly, the sea was everywhere you looked (it's a tiny island...) and the food was a good version of our own home-cooking. This does not mean that our mini-vacation was without its stresses... as my brother says I can't operate without some idea of a plan... as in if no one says what they want to do then I'll very well tell everyone what we're doing. It can be awkward, it could also be fun. Wondering about some of what we did on our trip to Tobago? You can look at the photos when I get around to posting them on Flickr or ... see below:
  • stayed at Kia's Across from the Beach in a studio apartment ... comfortable, close to popular beaches and has it's own Garden Cafe (had breakfast and dinner on varying days... yum).
  • walked over to Store Bay with my mom, rented chairs from a guy called Gerry (Jerry?) who was both friendly and helpful and who told us as we were leaving that if we were to return and could not find him to walk right on over to the bright blue umbrellas and have a seat... Store Bay was most excellent with its very calm clear waters and surprising lack of people...
  • ordered pizza from La Cantina - Tobago's authentic Italian pizzeria - my brother and I had a good time checking out the authentic wood-burning oven and the skills of the guy making the pizzas.
  • rented a car and drove to the Tobago Cocoa Estate where I experienced The Most Fabulous-tasting piece of chocolate I've ever had. My brother and I also took a tour of the estate which was both entertaining and educational. Much thanks to Mrs Gobin, our estate tour guide.
  • had lunch at Jemma's Seaview Kitchen where the vegetarian lunch option consists of every side they were offering for lunch. Friendly service, fantastic view of the sea and really tasty food :)
  • braved the overcast, gloomy-looking skies and drove to Englishman's Bay - stopped to have breakfast at a coffee shop in Castara.
  • got lost on our way back and ended up at Footprints Eco Resort and Spa ... it's hard to get lost in Tobago when all the roads connect to each other and you  can drive around the entire island in a day... but, we got lost. Mainly cuz Tobago has very narrow (though very well-kept) roads that go up and down in the mountains... it's hilly and curvy and there are sometimes sheer drops on either side of the road - I'm not really fond of heights and that did not help with map-reading or figuring out directions. After successfully arriving at Englishman's Bay both my mom and I decided we couldn't take the up and down, winding roads and just really wanted to get back to our apartment... luckily we took a wrong turn and ended up at Footprints - which I'd wanted to visit but decided not to because of the driving. Footprints was amazingly spectacular and both mom and I spent time in the jacuzzi before my brother told us we had to be on our way.
Ah Tobago, I feel like I've just gotten started getting to know you... must definitely visit you more often.



Anonymous said...

Tan yes, but also sunblock. Even us brown skin peoples really should.

Unknown said...

I do the sunblock everyday... still get a tan if I'm out for long... ah well...