Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day... Wedding Day... Holiday... Solstice...

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." ~Annie Dillard

It's Tuesday, day after the holiday, and apparently I look very tired-out. I need a weekend to recover/recharge from my weekend! Whilst very hectic and whilst now I do feel the need for sleep it was most wonderful in a fulfilling-life kind of way.

Father's Day was this Sunday... my dad is... indescribable. He drives me crazy. CRAZY. I love him dearly. We are most alike in nature (my mom says this all the time - she doesn't alway mean it in a good way). He's taught me a lot. I've recently come to realise that I have a lot of relationship issues because of my dad... both good and bad of course... for example, I'd really appreciate (re: expect) my partner to have skills of a practical handy-man nature - if I can use/operate basic tools (hammer, screwdriver, drilling machine etc) then you should be able to as well... I also have major trust issues in relationships which started off because of my dad. Ah well.

All week leading up to Father's Day he kept telling me that Sunday was Father's Day... which was of no help since I am able to read a calendar but not able to mind-read what he wanted for Father's Day... I got him a gift... he somewhat liked it... made lunch, told him he was skilled and I appreciate him as my dad. Then we went our separate ways... me to Wedding, him to Redbull Flugtag designing.   

Wedding (not mine) was most epic. Bride was stunning, groom was close-to-stunning (lol), wedding speech (written by moi & another girlfriend, presented by two other girlfriends) was well-received, food was good, after-wedding-party was excellent (dance, dance, baby!). All around good times were had on Sunday night. Best wishes, much love, continued happiness to my girl and her new hubby... I hope that all now you are thoroughly enjoying your honeymoon.

Monday was the day I wanted sleep - thankfully it was a holiday... in a half-daze I made lunch... then went up to Mount St. Benedict with my mom and brother and group. It's a beautiful place... quiet... a place where one can sense the stillness. We had a most delicious afternoon tea at the Pax Guesthouse and then spent a rather long time ole-talking on their verandah. As I type this I realise that I have a lot of photos to put up on the Flickr photostream...

Today is Tuesday, day after the holiday, longest day of the year, first day of summer (if there is summer in your country). It occurs to me that in some part of the world it may be the beginning of winter? I'm not sure and am feeling fuzzy today so there is no research to be done at the moment. If you want ideas to celebrate today though some can be found here.

peace & happy Tuesday to you,

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