Monday, June 13, 2011

In celebration of shopping, peace and girlfriends...

"Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy." ~Rabbi Abraham Heschel

I've had a busy-ish weekend... am fairly sleepy and sluggish today (more so than usual for a Monday)... My weekend was entertaining, informative and fairly happy and so thought I'd share some of it with you...

I went shopping with my mom on Saturday... not just any shopping... Swimsuit Shopping. Regular readers of this blog are aware that my mom is a cancer survivor... she hasn't worn a swimsuit in forever because we've just never been bothered to look for swimsuits made for persons with mastectomies. We're going to Tobago however. Soon. And so, a swimsuit is needed. It occurs to me that I'm airing all my mom's business here but I don't think she'll mind (I hope she doesn't mind)... We'd been considering shopping online for such swimsuits when, as luck would have it, I saw an ad in the papers. East meets West has swimsuits - even the kind that we're looking for. In fact, they've got a pretty nice selection of styles/colours of the kind that we were looking for. Happiness = shopping = actually getting what you're out shopping for. I'm very pleased with them and their customer service. I'm even more pleased that we got a swimsuit as my mom told me after that she hadn't actually expected to find one! Low expectations mom. Tsk tsk.

After our shopping trip I kidnapped my mom. She would not think this was so (or she wouldn't admit it). As the driver though one gets to choose where one wants to go and I'd been wanting to attend the Trinidad and Tobago World Peace Festival since I first saw the event online. According to the website:
"The Trinidad and Tobago World Peace Festival (TTWPF) is a festival designed to promote peace, spiritual consciousness, social, environmental and spiritual activism, and awareness. It is also intended to provide a way to educate the general public on what organizations and businesses are already present within our local communities that support peace and peaceful living." 
It was most excellent (my mom thought so as well)! There were booths and presentations, information and demonstrations, a kids section (I stumbled across a puppet show in action) and food (food is important - must mention food.. lol). My congratulations to Bliss Yoga, Trinidad for hosting an exceptional event... I'm hopeful that it'll become a yearly something. I took photos, had sushi (well a roll really.. it's not sushi if there's no fish...), saw a dance, learnt about parenting and safe sex, saw some amazing art and met up with a friend.

Later in the evening was my girl friend's bridal shower... the private one... where it was just us girls being somewhat scandalous. I admit to being slightly afraid myself for my own bridal shower if that time ever comes... I've helped to plan two private showers... hmmm. It was fun... and scandalous... and yet also educational... and the bride-to-be had a good time :) I'm afraid that's all I can say about it as what happens at the bridal shower stays at the bridal shower... lol. 

I'm headachy and sluggish today but overall I'm thankful... for my mama, for people that would put together and host events such as the Trinidad and Tobago World Peace Festival and for my girlfriends who are a fabulous bunch of female people. 

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.


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Anonymous said...

Glad you went. Tried the thai yoga massage. The Dork back massage.
Saw 3 canal. Tried the anusara yoga which I liked much and will be trying out.

Also had sushi.

Glad your mom was able to find a bathsuit. My cousin made herself one.

Get some rest.