Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's not that I'm obsessed with vaginas...

"When sleeping women wake, mountains move." ~Chinese Proverb 

It's just that I'm fully aware that I have one... as do perhaps half of the world's population. I find it very strange and somewhat disconcerting that, as my friend Shoeaholic has pointed out, men (and some women) cannot comfortably talk about what is only a natural part of the anatomy. 

Why is this really? Is it culture? Somehow related to religion? Why? I'm not in any way uncomfortable and in fact one of my earlier posts on this blog was about 'Vajazzling'.

My mom and I looked at the 2009 rom-com "It's Complicated" last evening... what struck me as most amusing and perhaps most relatable were the scenes where lead actress Meryl Streep interacted with her girlfriends - I can absolutely see my girl ppl and I in that same scenario as we've had (and will continue to have) group gatherings such as was seen on the film. One such scene was where they were discussing how a lack of sex could possibly lead to 'closure'... and the need for vaginoplasty.

Ladies, did you know that if you don't use it you'd lose it? Did you know that your vagina can fall out? Don't stress... read this article from Lissa Rankin on the "20 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina".

I'm a big fan of Lissa Rankin, founder of Owning Pink and perhaps The Coolest OB/GYN out there... I've posted on my personal facebook page, two of her articles which were what inspired someone (a male someone) to wonder whether I was vagina-obsessed. I'm not... I just believe in awareness and education and thus I'm posting the links here as well:
They're both really good reads. So ladies (and gentlemen), educate yourselves... be aware of what is part of you (or your lady-friend). As Lissa says, 
"Remember, the more we know, the more we can learn to love, honour, and respect the part of our body that brings life into the world. Enjoy!"
 And... because I just find this wonderful in so many ways: 


Edited to add:
Lissa Rankin was at Kripalu recently - I'm both happy about that and somewhat sad that I missed it.

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Unknown said...

i love vaginas...
god i needed to get that out...
thank you ren, i feel so free now :)