Thursday, June 9, 2011

Traffic woes...

"Each year it seems to take less time to fly across the ocean and longer to drive to work."  ~Author Unknown

Amount of hours in the day: 24
Amount of hours spent in traffic today: 4

I know this may not seem like a lot of traffic time to some of you. It is for me. I know that on a really good day it would take me 8 minutes from my home to my workplace. Yes... 8 minutes (driving). I know this because I've timed it. Over the past few years this time has gradually (sometimes not-so-gradually) increased. On a really good day it now takes me approximately half an hour to get to work. On a really bad day? Hours (upon hours).

It is frustrating and tiring and gets on people's nerves. I live on an island. If you look us up on a map of the world we're basically a dot... If one wanted to see the island the drive would take at most two days (48 hours). To be stuck in traffic for hours then is something that we're generally not happy with. 

It's the price of progress I think. We've got more cars on the road... more people needing to move around... it's only natural that road works/improvements would be needed. What's not needed? Accidents... which is something else that causes traffic... either due to the accident having to be cleared up or due to everyone stopping to watch the accident being cleared up.   

I got to work late today... am really glad that I wasn't driving as I may have just turned around and gone back home. Perhaps the traffic is really a test from the Universe... how dedicated are you to get to work?? Anyway, my mom, my brother and I were in the car... some questions that came up:

Q: when does a 10 minute drive turn into 2.5 hours? 
A: when there's an accident/road works/random crazy driver...
Q: when does a pedestrian get somewhere faster than the flow of traffic?
A: see above.
Q: have you ever noticed how many mango trees there are on the way to work?
A: no mom, I usually focus on the road whilst driving to work. 

It is stuff like this that keeps me sane... as well as discussions on telecommuting proposals to my workplace... and videos like the one below (Mr. Bean is now an honorary Trini in my book after seeing this vid).

Safe travels all.


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