Friday, July 29, 2011

Of anger and love.

"Love, also known as compassion, stems from a sense of universal being and the experiential understanding that all suffering is connected." ~Deepak Chopra

There are times when something that someone says resonates with you... when you think 'ah yes, that's exactly it'. I've had that experience many times and today one of them is relevant. I've mentioned before that Shoeaholic and I look at Oprah reruns during our lunch hour at work. Today's episode was 'The Color Purple Reunion' and one of the guest stars was Whoopi Goldberg... what struck me was that during part of the interview she was asked about how she stormed off the set of The View because of something guest star Bill O'Reilly said and her response was:

"[In my head,] I heard myself say something that would have cost me a great deal of money from the FCC," Whoopi says. "[I] knew that if I didn't get off the stage what was coming. I know Bill. I like Bill. I think he just got caught up in that moment and didn't realize that what he had said was too volatile."
I completely identify. Completely.

I don't get angry very often. I'm very even-tempered but there are times when incidents can cause me to lose my cool. Shoeaholic says that I remind her of her dad... direct quote (tweet): "you remind me of for yrs but when time to erupt is like whoop aaa!" ... I always try to remove myself from the scene before the 'whoop aaa' comes out... and I try not to be around the people/circumstance that causes the eruption till I have time to settle down.

Anger is a very tiring emotion and is composed of many different (sub?)emotions. It is annoyances and discomfort caused by persons in charge being reactive, it is disbelief and  disappointment in people/events where they should really know better, it's disappointment in myself for expecting more from people than they can apparently give or are willing to give.

It's a mystery to me that people are content to just accept a negative situation and then try to convince others affected that they are not affected... 

You may not know what I'm talking about... but it's a work-related issue that has had me pissed-off-mad-as-hell all week... and that's why this post is so vague. Am mostly over it though. People will be people... not everyone is ready to be mature... the vast majority of the population is concerned with their own selves. Accept, shrug, move on... it makes no sense getting mad when they don't even realise what's there to be mad about.

Went out tonight with my closest girlfriends. It's a release of sorts.. a relaxing of all that is tense when you are in the company of persons that you'd trust with your.. everything. It's freeing to be able to tell persons every thought in your head and have them both respect and encourage your thinking. It is a sharing of sorrows and joys such that sorrows are spread out so that they don't weigh as much and joys are magnified exponentially. It is laughter and tears and love of a sort that is different from family blood bonds but that is necessary for the maintaining of a person's sanity.

Or at least my own sanity.

Cuz otherwise there'd be a build up of 'whoop aaa' ... and I'm not sure the world can handle the eruption from that. 



Anonymous said...

I cussed out everyone in the situation and left.

I am angry a lot. But since I don't work outside the home anymore. It's not a work situation.

I'm angry at a bunch of dead women.

Sad huh...

Anonymous said...

Keep breathing