Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I don't understand the concept of 'boredom' anymore...

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." ~Ellen Parr 

I haven't really used the term for years in fact (ah to be a teenager...). It just doesn't apply... and I find myself puzzled by people that are bored or complain that they 'have nothing to do'. Really? Nothing?? Wow. Perhaps it's only me that's got so much to do? Except that on some days I do hardly anything at all. It's a puzzle.  

I wonder about the lives that people have - much different from mine? Similar? Am just very curious as to what people do and when they do it. Over the past week apart from working and being at home (doing home stuff) I've experienced the following:
  • Defeat - at the hands of a 12/13 year old. I'd just like to say that once upon a time I had the skills to defeat other players - because Chun Li and Cami were my girls from Street Fighter whilst Kitana, Sindel and Sonya Blade were my girls from Mortal Kombat and therefore I ruled. Not having played in years has affected my skills though... *sigh*
    • Lots of ole-talking - on different days, because I've got lots of cousins of varying ages and there's always something going on. 
        • Movies with my mom - sappy, romantic mush that I can't remember the names of but do remember that I thought they were good... hmm...
          • Tried to find space for a stack of books in my room... it's current location is on my bed... I need more shelf space...  
              •  After-work lime with a newly-wedded girlfriend - taught her how to read instructions and how to install batteries in various house stuff. Listened to tales of newly-wedded bliss. Somewhat horrified that marriage is starting to sound appealing.
                • Read books... not those in the stack pictured here... from another stack. Ergh... need more shelf space...
                  • Entertained the kitten... cuz he is apparently my chile... who follows me around and has a particular cry that I can't tune out. Evolution thou art a heartless thing. 
                  • Tried to out-manoeuvre the Cancer Bus... went with my mom to St. James hospital today for checkup/blood test/x-rays... got stuck in traffic *behind* the Cancer Bus. We always try to reach the hospital before the Cancer Bus cuz then we get through quicker... luckily, though we didn't make it before the Bus, we did get through fairly quickly. 

                  I've got no time to be bored really. Too many things to do/see/talk about/take part in. Life is an adventure... while I'm not particularly adventurous I do try to make the most of it :)



                    Unknown said...

                    boredom is for the weak...
                    and you are far from weak :)

                    Anonymous said...

                    I did not notice many kids... but..
                    I know there are.

                    Strange... you travel to St James
                    And I travel to San Fernando General.

                    Do any of your mother's siblings also have cancer?

                    Mine is three of six girls..

                    Unknown said...

                    San Fernando? Hmm. We've always been to St James..

                    No...unless her grandparents or great-grandparents had it... it came as a surprise to the family. She's the only one with cancer... one of the sisters had heart disease.