Saturday, July 9, 2011

Went to the cinema...

"Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater."  ~Roman Polanski 

I have now seen Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I thought it was good - which means to the rest of the world that it wasn't bad or that I'm easily entertained - the action was good, the graphics/animations were excellent, the plot was... ok. I'm not now nor have I ever been a major movie-watcher like Shoeaholic (my new source of everything entertainment-oriented) - it takes a lot for me to convince myself to either stay out or leave home and go to the cinema. When I get there I like minimum fuss.. my ticket, my popcorn, my seat in the middle of the room - I don't like lines or waiting on people or having to decide what film to see - If I'm at the cinema it's because I know why I'm there.  

I thought it interesting that on one of the days I'd decided to go to the cinema this article, by Express columnist Sheila Rampersad, ran in the papers.  Interesting because each time I go to (or know that I'm going to) either MovieTowne or Caribbean Cinemas 8 I find myself reminiscing on the older cinemas - most especially Globe Cinema on Market Street, Chaguanas. I'm not sure whether it's still in operation as a number of factors (ok .. maybe just two?) led to my turning to the named multiplexes above to fulfil  my film-watching needs.

Every July-August holidays (note not summer - we don't have 'summer') once my brother and I were old enough to handle ourselves we chose the movies we wanted to see and went to Globe. We had a system. We'd arrive early - and lime on the stairs waiting for them to open the cinema itself... we'd split up - I'd get tickets whilst he got snacks... we'd then go in and find The Perfect Seats (though not like this) in House. Our system ensured that we got through quickly with ticket-and-snack purchases... and that we got the seats we wanted. Arriving early let us check out the crowd... and enjoy the general atmosphere found when any group of Trinis gather in one space. As you can read in this fabulous article from, House was where all the action was... running commentary was available (whether you wanted it or not) on the movie. Our system was so perfect that we used it every year until my brother went away to college (and then I lost my movie-buddy). We also got to be pretty well-known by Globe's operators - there was one instance (just one) where we ran late... the guy that guarded the entrance to the theater told us he was worried when he didn't see us.

A friend and I were talking about our experiences and, in truth, in those days that is what it was... it was not just an outing to see a movie, it was a total experience - interactions with people, double-features, a lot of snacks with just a $20 bill. Whilst I appreciate the cleanliness, the huge screens, the more-comfortable seating, the improved sound and 3D capabilities there are times when I really miss those days and that old cinema. 

Price of progress I guess...
Does anyone else miss it? 


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Anonymous said...

I'm planning to take the kids globe, or at least go myself to see the last Harry Potter.

As for missing, the days of Astor.. I never was a regular movie goer either.

So not really.