Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conversations in my car today...

"In conversation, humour is worth more than wit and easiness more than knowledge." ~George Herbert

Every so often I don't have the use of my car - this may be because my brother wants to go somewhere with it... or like today, my mom has to go somewhere (doctor's visit today - all be well... or as well as could be). On days such as these, I get dropped off and picked up at my workplace... as you can imagine (or as you can't but should be able to after reading this post) this leads to a lot of time for conversation. Cuz we're together... in a closed environment. Talk happens. I thought I'd share some of it with you :)

Conversations on the way to work (amongst my mom, my brother and myself):
  • "Did you see the lilies in that person's yard?" - asked by my mom... Um. No? I do not maco other people's yards. My parents have this issue whereby if we're in the car we should pay attention to everything around us... which includes the yards of random strangers apparently.  This means that there is to be no reading/sleeping/playing games/being on the phone... one must Be Aware. Of course I countered with: "Did you see those orchids in that person's yard?!" (they were very pretty - pale pink and dark purple)... and of course she had not seen them. 
  • "I've been trying to come up with a new education model." - this from my brother (who has a philosophy/psychology background)... there was a moment of silence before we asked what he meant. Have I mentioned before that my family is very into education? I think I have... We've all in some way or the other been involved in some aspect... Our country is very into academics.. I think that's where the focus was placed early on and now there is no balance. How do we bring about such balance? How do we encourage persons to learn? How do persons get into fields which they will find fulfilling? We talked about the Guru-Disciple relationship, about the Gurukul system, a bit about the education systems of the early Greeks and Romans. We talked about curriculum and teaching methods and then that conversation faded into...
  • Talk of "why are there so many cars on the road?!", "where are all these cars going??!" ... because we were in traffic and I had to get to work. Why are all these cars on the road? Is it that people really need their own cars? Is it that our public transportation system sucks? Oy.

Conversations on the way home after work (between my brother and myself):
  • "I don't think I can work in an office environment" - this from my brother... and I don't think he could either. This statement came up as a result of me complaining about the general nonsense that goes on in my workplace. At the moment I'm fairly annoyed about some fluorescent lighting that has been installed in my department that is directly in my line of vision. I'm not sure what or if people think before they do things. I need to search my Twitter timeline for the link to our OSH Act and etc... *sigh* ... I'm vocal-ish when I have a problem... but it takes a while for me to admit to having a problem. My brother knows and instantly says when he has a problem... this is why he's probably not suited for office work. 
  • "What does this line mean??!" - Selena Gomez has a new song out... "Love you like a love song" ... I'm not sure if my brother had heard it before but this evening was perhaps the second time that I've heard it on the radio. Do you pick up lyrics quickly? Melody was nice.. we weren't really paying attention... then the chorus: 'I, I love you like a love song, baby' ... Um? I love you like a love song? How does one love a love song? How does a love song love? And then there's the fact that it sounds like she's saying 'I love you like I love song, baby' ... does that mean she loves you in the same way that she loves song? cuz she's a singer.. it makes sense... Um. We were a bit confused. Obviously though we will listen to the song again in attempts to figure it out. Well done songwriters... we are hooked on the song - though it's because we're confused and not necessarily that we like it.. (yet..).
  • "Why is this road so bad?!" - the thing about living in a country with a pitch lake is that you'd expect that the roads would be somewhat smooth. This is not so. We were driving on a main road and having to navigate potholes and skinny roads (the sides were a bit broken off)... I personally think this question is related to there being many cars on the road... If there were fewer cars then the roads would get less use then they'd last longer... right?
 We talk a lot eh? That doesn't even begin to cover everything... 

Go out and talk to people... or stay home and talk to people... it's interesting the things that you may learn from people you spend a lot of time with. 


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