Monday, September 26, 2011

It's the beginning of Banned Books Week in the USA...

"A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face.  It is one of the few havens remaining where a man's mind can get both provocation and privacy."  ~Edward P. Morgan

Banned Books Week is held during the last week in September and celebrates the freedom to read. According to the American Library Association, it 'highlights the benefits of free and open access to information while drawing attention to the harms of censorship by spotlighting actual or attempted banning of books across the United States'. I don't know if there are any banned books in Trinidad and Tobago... if there are then I'm really not aware... I can't wrap my head around the idea of persons banning books though now that I'm thinking about it I can understand that persons may want to limit the thoughts and ideas that reading books can encourage. 

DailyLit - that very awesome website (that delivers books right into your in-box in convenient small messages that take less than 5 minutes to read) - has a category for popular banned books... Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Scarlet Letter and Wuthering Heights have all been banned once upon a time.  The Bible and works by Shakespeare have been banned. I'm very glad this is no longer so... I'd recommend any of the above as excellent reads. 

Free your Mind. Read a book. Read a banned book.

I am of the view that each person should be allowed complete access to information from which they can then make their own choices... If you don't agree with me - I'd like to know why...


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