Saturday, September 24, 2011

There aren't enough hours in the day...

"Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time." ~Charles M. Schulz 

A bit of free-writing because I'm tired and not up to thinking in paragraphs...
I often think that the hours in a weekend day (whenever your weekend is) should be longer.. or move slower.. or something such that it just *lasts longer*... because it always goes by so quickly and then the week comes around and you're stuck in the grind again. Woke up today feeling queasy and head-achy and generally not in a mood or feeling to move. Looked at shows on the Food Network and HGTV... those are our tv's default stations... when there's nothing to watch or we're bored and must watch something those are the channels we land on. Aarti is always very happy.. and bubbly and I like that the name of her show rhymes and reflects her essence. Am trying to convince my dad that when he retires he should do something along the lines of HGTV's All American Handyman series... not successful yet but who knows. Worked myself up to make lunch - it's funny that sometimes I really like cooking and sometimes I don't... today was one of those days when I felt like cooking - rice and dhal and bhagi and curried soya... all of which tasted most excellent. Yay me :) Looked at a very predictable movie on Syfy... I prefer the old channel name of Sci Fi... Went out with my dad - TriniTuner's 4x4 event - we did not make it to the King of the Hill bit but we did make it to the Mud Hog event .. (there are some pics on Flickr)... I wonder if my dad would ever want to take part in these events... or if at some time he has wanted to. I know that I prefer to be a spectator (and a photo-take-outer)... those people that took part? They're very brave - or they're really into their stuff. It was fun to watch. Got home and my dad made dinner... it's taken him over 27 years but he's started to get involved with food and the making of breakfast or lunch or dinner. Been lazing around since then... spent some time looking at photos/talking about photos and photo-taking... Finally remembered that I needed to blog. :) Here, I am. 

Hope your Saturday went well... hope there are enough hours for you...



Anonymous said...

I don't work full time these days so yes there are.

Anyways, I was at the Trinidad Tobago Film Festival for most of the day.

One good, other interesting, lastly... not my thing.

Ah well, movie towne was freezing.

It's on free next Sat at UWI if you are interested.

Unknown said...

I wonder if a change in number of working hours would lead to more hours in the day or if I'd still fill them up.. :s

Been wanting to see a film or two but they've been mostly during the day ... will try to make it to UWI on Sat :)

MovieTowne POS then? Chaguanas does not freeze..

hope you're having a good Sunday..