Tuesday, September 20, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens; Brown paper packages tied up with strings; These are a few of my favorite things." ~ Rodgers and Hammerstein

I've come to realise that it's hard figuring out what to blog about each day - one would think there's a lot of material but sometimes you just don't want to write about what's going on in everyday life... sometimes one needs a break from thinking about that. In light of this, I've turned to prompts... writing prompts are interesting. I was once a part of a writing group that met weekly to write for ten minutes on a prompt and we'd then share (if we felt like it) - it was very freeing. Prompt for today was obtained from the site Daydreaming on Paper - simply because I liked the name of the site and the button that one clicks to generate a prompt is labelled 'Inspire Me'... that's exactly what I'm looking for.

The prompt: List ten of your favourite things .. It occurs to me that I should search the blog in case I've written on this before.. but.. I'm going with the moment. In no particular order, ten of my favourite things are:
  1. Books - this should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me... and to you now as well. I love books - getting lost in the words is a delight.
  2. Ribbons - ribbons are pretty... whether they be hair ribbons or ribbon sashes or ribbons that can be used to tie up presents or to improvise as jewellery of some sort.. ribbons are pretty.
  3. Gift paper - I sometimes think that I'd like to own a gift wrapping operation - this would allow me to have different types of gift paper and also to wrap gifts (which is something that I find strangely calming).
  4. Floaty bits of fabric - whether it be in the form of a scarf or a dress or a skirt.
  5. The smell of cats - I'm a cat person. I've recently come to realise that I love their scent - my kitten (who is almost a cat) loves cuddles a lot more than our previous cat - he has helped me come to this realisation.
  6. Taking photos of the sky - I have so many of them... have you noticed that the patterns in the sky are always changing? I've never understood why people seem confused by me taking photos of the sky.
  7. The moon and by extension moon gazing - I like the nighttime more than the daytime and one of the major features of the night sky is the moon... I think we are all connected to its movements through the sky... perhaps as a female I feel them more strongly.
  8. Music and song - cuz there is always something that can fit any mood...
  9. Family - I'd like to point out to my mom that this was in no particular order. I'm not sure how I'd manage without them... I'm quite sure I'd be a much different person without their influence.
  10. Girlfriends - I've got a bunch of them... I've got girlfriends with varying degrees of closeness... they are all precious and help me work my way through whatever is going on with my life. (girlfriends to gab with and cry with and shop with...) lol...
What are a few of your favourite things?


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Unknown said...

LOL @ "the smell of cats" thank for the smile... :)