Friday, November 11, 2011


... on 11-11-11, we get a very rare opportunity to see the grey areas that lie between. That space that is so vast that it often separates us from others dissipates on this one day, drawing us closer to others and allowing us to connect in ways we normally just can’t.” ~Hans Decoz

There's still a full moon in Taurus - go out and do some moon-gazing if you're so inclined. Thanks to NIHERST, my brother and I were able to view last night's full moon through a telescope... also saw Jupiter and three of its moons. It's a bit awe-inspiring? A bit of grace? I don't know/can't say what's the emotion really - it's different looking up at the sky through a telescope - makes you more aware of just how tiny we are in comparison to what else is here. Then again, this may all just be a figment of our imagination. 

It's the eleventh of November 2011 - 11/11/11 - lots of talk about it... master numbers, beginnings, wishes, hope, prayer. 

What does it mean for me? According to
"All in all, you should be able to pause for a quick breath this month. But come 11/11/11, your level of tact with others is somewhere down at the bottom of the well -- which isn't great for matters of the heart. 11/11 is more likely to deliver a break up than a meeting of hearts, so if you are single or in a relatively new relationship, you may want to be careful what you say and how you say it. You are also more susceptible to illness on this date, and would do well to refrain from alcohol or anything else that weakens your system.

Though it's been a shaky month in a very hectic year for you so far, things should start to level off in the coming weeks."

Hmm. What does it mean for me? 

News story tonight about a woman celebrating her 100th birthday today... That's another level of amazing. 

Beginning again. That's what I'm doing. I go through phases, as I suppose we all do. Ups and downs and starting and stopping. I've been feeling stagnant and it's time to start moving again. 

Shift in consciousness? Awareness. Faith. Belief. 

I'm thinking about contributing something to the 11ElevenProject. I'm just grateful that there are such projects - that people are willing to share and contribute towards a better whatever-we-have-here. 

Blessings to you all tonight. 


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