Friday, November 25, 2011

...and I'm back.

"The sense of community is indispensable… to full self-realization." ~Herbert J. Muller 

Again. I'm here to stay for a bit. 

New moon in Sagittarius with a Solar Eclipse. Time for focusing on what I want to bring into being. This of course makes me wonder exactly what I want to bring into being. I'm a bit fuzzy on that. I've been a bit raw. Emotionally frazzled. Physically tired. Mentally stressed. I want a healthier me... calm, cool, collected. Bending without breaking. I want ... peace and happiness. It's the season for it isn't it? 

I've been up to a lot lately... it's part of why I've been missing. The crazy? Work, work, work and some crazy people... some of whom I work with and some of whom need to find themselves a life... or just grow up really. 

The fun? UpMarket. I was invited by Cupcake Wench (everyone's favourite purveyor of mouthwatering cupcakes) and her hubby (I stole her description from his site) and was most happy that I attended. Am thinking perhaps I should say that my belly was very happy that I attended since that's a bit more accurate. If you're ever in Trinidad and Tobago and decide to visit UpMarket (apparently it's going to be held regularly) here's some advice: don't go when you're hungry. Seriously. I found myself paying way more attention to the yummy foodstuff than the pretty clothing/jewellery/miscellaneous stuff. In fact, I came home with cupcakes (of course), tomato chutney, Chuck Norris pepper sauce (bought from Zaaki), olive bites, cheesecake-stuffed-strawberries and a jar of hummus. *sigh* The only non-edible items were 4 scented candles (I think vanilla and lavender)... a steelpan music CD  (Caribbean Christmas by Robert Tobitt)... and a coaster for my dad made of pink poui wood. I was very impressed by the variety of stalls and the quality of merchandise/foodstuff. I'll probably be attending again at some point. 

Something else I went to because a friend asked - Hott 93's Polar Plunge (I think it was an anniversary party). It's not something I'd usually go to. I'm not a big fan of crowds. Wasn't really in the mood. It was all about support... because it was the first time my girl Shazelle was performing in Trinidad and Tobago. The event was... *meh* but her performance was awesome. Yes, I did take photos (which are still on my camera along with photos from Divali and other various activities :s). Am hopeful that there are many more songs/videos/performances to come. 

The interesting? I attended the "National Consultation on Securing and Expanding the GATE Programme". It was for work and so can possibly be included under 'the crazy' as the lead up to it was stressful and just plain crazy with people changing their minds at the last minute and such. It's a good thing I have patience. The GATE Programme has three main objectives:
  • To make tertiary education affordable to all so that no citizen of Trinidad and Tobago would be denied tertiary education because of inability to pay;
  • To widen access to tertiary education that would support economic development and promote social equity; and
  • To build and strengthen a national quality tertiary education sector through both public and private tertiary level institutions
I found the actual Consultation to be interesting - it was the first such to be held with regards to the GATE programme which I find to be very sad, considering that the programme has been in operation since 2004, and also very heartening in that the various stakeholders involved are being asked to provide their thoughts, grievances and recommendations. Lots of relevant points made, some new things proposed... am waiting to see what will come of it. It's a step in the right direction but if it doesn't go all the way then there's not much of a point to it.  

See how much I've been up to? So much happening and so much still to happen.  It's the fun and the interesting and the crazy that makes up my days and I'm just grateful that the fun and interesting outweigh the crazy.  What's going on in your corner of the world? I'm curious ...and I hope that the good outweighs the bad. 



Anonymous said...

Is it true that since I already have a bachelor's degree that I do not qualify for GATE even though I am training to change discipline in a field in the development list for scholarships?

Unknown said...

Hmm. I know they're trying to minimise students that repeatedly apply for GATE to do different degrees but I don't think you should have an issue. Especially not if it's in an area of development. FGAD would be the final say on it though.