Monday, January 16, 2012

It's a mystery. (Updated!)

"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand." ~Neil Armstrong 
I could blog about how very vexed I was in work today (so much so that I felt like using some *very* bad words). 
I could blog about the fact that I've been scanning vacancy ads and I'm either over-qualified, under-qualified or don't have enough years experience in the area. 
Instead, I shall blog about a recent mystery... because there's only so much grumpiness I can take in myself and... I really don't want to spread it. 
It is *insert mystery music here* the Mystery of Newbeary Plaza:
I bought a puzzle for my mom for Christmas. This puzzle: 

It's a very beautiful looking puzzle of a white dragon - we (my brother and I) are very into dragons... my mom's into puzzle-making... it was a perfect gift!

Except that when my mom opened the sealed box and then the sealed bag, the puzzle pieces didn't look as though they'd make anything remotely dragon-looking. 

I'm assuming there must have been some mix-up early on? Wrong puzzle pieces for the box? 

Anyway... we could have returned it... but what fun would that be? Are we not puzzle-makers? It's a challenge is what it is - the making of a puzzle without the picture. We're very curious as to what it will be... there are shop signs and sky and trees and flowers... This is what it looked like on Friday:
Mystery Puzzle: Newbeary Plaza?

This is the cover of the box that it came in:

Cover of box that was supposed to contain fabulous dragon puzzle... 
See how the dragon puzzle does not have fences or flowers? 


It's a mystery... I'm looking forward to seeing the finished picture :)

Would you build a puzzle without the picture?

Hmm... try it sometime ;)


Finished the puzzle last Friday (the 20th) ... It's pretty :) This is it: 

Newbeary Plaza!

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