Friday, January 13, 2012

Remembering my grandma...

"The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude." ~Thornton Wilder

I don't usually remember death days but after last year thought that I'd make an effort. Today I asked my dad for the death days of his parents and I've recorded them (on the calendar on my phone - phones are becoming more and more useful I find). Today is also the fourteenth anniversary of my grandma's death (my mom's mom). 

Of all my grandparents she is the one that I miss most... and think about every now and then. Sometimes it seems as though she has just passed and other times it feels as though it has been forever. 

She was a tough cookie. She ran a shop, was a postmistress, sold lunches and breakfasts and took care of eight children (that alone is cause for admiration in my opinion). I'm sure she did a lot of things  that I don't know about. 

She was called 'Darlin' by *everyone* ... there was a time when I was little that I thought that was her name.

She built puzzles... of the sort that my mom now likes to build and I like to build and my cousin likes to build. Puzzle-making makes me think of her and makes me smile in memory.

She took care of me when I had the cold/flu/virus and my parents couldn't stay home. I'd get dropped off during the day by my grandparents and she'd be the one that took care of me. I have a very sensory memory of lying in her bed with the fan blowing and the curtains swaying - I associate it with rest and healing... every so often I get that same feeling in my room and that makes me smile as well. 

I love her.


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