Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two very awesome short films...

"All art, whether it pleases us or not, helps to add color, excitement, joy, or sadness and, most often, a sense of awe to our life's experience." ~Henry O. Dorman

The first: Pothound (2011) - A short film 

What is a pothound you wonder? 
Pothound (pronounced 'pothong' in T&T)
1. A dog of mixed or indeterminate breed. A mutt or mongrel.
2. A street dog frequently associated with mischief.
Excellent short film chronicling the adventures of a pothound as it journeys through Trinidad, helping people and animals along the way. 

POTHOUND (2011) - A Short Film from christopher guinness on Vimeo.

The second: The Joy of Books  

A video all book lovers may enjoy...

Hope you enjoy them.



Anonymous said...

Littlest Hobo remake?

Unknown said...

Lol! the Trini version I guess...