Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Minutes - stream of consciousness

"It’s exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful." ~Adrienne Rich

There's a song in my head that I heard on the radio today - every so often (few years or so) I hear it and I love it and I sing along to it and today I thought I'd find it and put it up here but... I'm not finding it. Granted I don't know the name of the song... but I'm not finding it even though I know the lyrics... Google... why aren't you helping me today? It's a song about love and peace and how happy we'd be if we see tomorrow through the eyes of a child... Ah well. 

It's the day after Valentine's Day... girls make much more of a fuss about it than guys do. At least the girls I know in real life and online. I'm not that fussed by it... I guess it would be nice to get a gift/surprise... but it also would be nice to get something on a random day as well... show me love - anyplace, anytime. Am I bummed that I don't have a special someone? Maybe? I'm not sure? Hmm. I am blessed with much love but there are things that one can only really share with a partner and I guess that's what I'm missing. 

My girl ppl want to go to a fete for Carnival... I've been successful in avoiding any and all thus far. Mwahaha ... and also... Ergh. Was told that Machel Monday was 'awesome' and that I should have been there. Crowds aren't my thing... I'd like to go dancing sometime with the girl ppl but a fete? Meh. 

Sometimes I feel much older than I really am. It's an old soul I have is what some would say. I'm not sure what others would say. 

I really would like to find that song. 

night all... peace,


Lima said...

Hi Ren - do you know who sang the song you're talking about - and is from like 15-20 years ago? I havent heard it in more than 10 years and am desperately trying to find it. Thanks heaps :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lima,

I still don't know who sang the song.. it was more than one person so maybe a group?

It is from 15 - 20 years ago... no one I talk to seems to know about it.

More remembered lyrics (though they may be botched):
"there's a door we all pass through of innocent wonder and the stars we wished under made dreams come true"...

Is this the same song you're thinking of?

I really would like to find it.

Anonymous said...

Been looking for this song forever. If you've found out the artists ans song title, please post it. Thanks.

BB said...


If anyone is still interested, the song you're referring to is called "Eyes of A Child" performed by Garden of Joy, and can be found on Youtube here:

Unknown said...


Thanks! This is the song :)I really love it.