Monday, February 6, 2012

Holy possible lawsuit Batman?!

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". ~Joseph Campbell

I really have an issue with naming stuff... blog posts, photos, imaginary people (Bob, any imaginary person shall always be called Bob). Today's blog post title is inspired both by the content of the post and the fact that my brother posted as his FB status: "Holy allergies Batman!", which made me laugh and also made me sad since there is the possibility that he's going to go off to study in foreign again and I will miss his physical presence. 


A friend expressed concern about the fact that I blog about my mum and her medical... stuff... Talked a bit about consent and confidentiality and the fact that the whole world can read whatever I write here. Was pointed in the direction of the 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights' and also the 'Patient's Charter of Rights'... both of which are very interesting reads. 

I talked to my mum. She's a reader of the blog and perhaps my number one supporter. She's fine with me writing about her medical business. It's up to me to decide how much I would and would not write. 

I think this is how it should be. I view the blog as a sort of sacred space... where I can express my thoughts/ideas/feelings - it's a sharing and a release. I won't write each and every detail but I will write if I'm thoughtful... or bothered in some way. 

Ah well. One day she says I'll write her biography. Maybe one day I'll write an autobiography. I guess we'll see. In the meantime I'm thankful that my family is one where we can talk easily freely about our health and our feelings and life in general.  

I think it's important to have persons to share with... does not necessarily have to be blood-related - but persons that one can be comfortable with.

Hope you have at least one such person.



Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful that you have an avenue to express yourself.
Illness is no longer a secret. I have found through my writings and when I blogged about watching my MIL pass last year, it was therapeutic and benefitted alot of people who read it.
I did not feel like I was betraying her trust or rightsin anyway.
I applaud your courage :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment. Writing is my own personal therapy :) and I very much believe in informing through sharing.