Friday, February 3, 2012

Snippets of yesterday...

"Now is the time to know that all that you do is sacred." ~Hafiz

Yesterday I:
  • Got up at 5 am to make lunch - it's been months since I last did that.
  • Got to work on time!
  • Was unable to feel my fingers - because it was so cold in our office... *sigh*
  • Learnt that there was no Zometa available at the St. James Medical Complex - my mom is supposed to get this monthly - I wish the hospital people had called or something to let her know not to bother to make that drive into town. Appointment is rescheduled to next week... will call first to see if they've got the drug.
  • Felt sorry for Drew Carey - was in the lunch room (at lunch time) and The Price is Right was on... I don't think I can ever be a contestant on that game show - I'm way too calm. I would not flirt with Drew Carey... or jump on him... or anything remotely like that... I'm not even sure I'd run down from my seat.
  • Was annoyed by management (in this case our department's manager)... woosah.
  • Celebrated a coworker's birthday... with cake and icecream... yum!
  • Went to the movies with Shoeaholic - they're finally showing Hugo! We were excited all day about going to see it after work... We were the ONLY ones in the movie theatre... then a couple came in and sat behind us... nevermind all the empty seats - they sat directly behind us. The movie was extremely fabulous though... very very good... I strongly recommend viewing.
  • Saw new Big Bang Theory episode - I love that show.
  • Fell asleep... I started writing this blog post and fell asleep.
Apparently by Thursday I shut down.... am fairly tired today... of work and a bit of life. Staying positive though - there are lots of things to be happy about.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend all :)


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