Friday, April 27, 2012

The day before the birthday...

"We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment, but it is transient. It is a little parenthesis in eternity. If we share with caring, lightheartedness, and love, we will create abundance and joy for each other. And then this moment will have been worthwhile." ~Deepak Chopra 

A snapshot of events/convos that took place today. Times may be rounded off or approximated.

1.45 am - awakened by the mother because she's in pain. Cancer sucks ... I'm reminded of that constantly. It's somewhat heartbreaking to have someone you love in pain. Also felt somewhat guilty... because I'm sure I was a bit grumpy at that hour - surprisingly I was in a very deep sleep - the parent with cancer does not deserve being grumped at when she's in pain in the middle of the night. 

4.43 am - awakened by the Cat chile... he went off liming somewhere last night and didn't get home in time for food so we didn't put any out for him. He got home around 4.40ish and started yowling in front of my window... in a "OMG! I'm STARVING!" kind of tone. I tried to block him out. I pulled the pillow over my head... He's a hunter right? Is supposed to be able to hunt for food if he has none? Hmph. Of course I got up and gave him food. 

6.45 am - was told by the father that tomorrow is my birthday. :-|

8.25 am - was told by the parking guard that the reason I couldn't park in the parking lot was because my coworkers were insensitive, unreasonable and couldn't park... took one look at how the cars were parked and had to agree with him... apparently he's been trying all week to get people to park properly and today he gave up... ah well. People - be sensitive... that is all. 

8.36 am - was told that I should not be wasting my potential at current workplace. I am young and brilliant and should get a job that is going somewhere or that at least allows for me to make use of my skills!

9.20 am - got Happy Birthweek wishes from Mars

9.40 am - got Happy Birthday Eve wishes from Pix 

10.10 am - lost all interest in work... had an interesting discussion on Twitter about how soon is too soon to be having sex with someone.

10.30 am - flirted with the cute guy... cuz that's what cute guys are for. 

11.42 am - got kisses and birthday wishes from the lady that does my eyebrows... it always helps to develop relationships with people that work on your body with hot wax.

12.03 pm - got heckled (psst-ed) by guys in three different vehicles as I walked from parking lot to office building. Tip: If you want to attract attention wear red... or gym clothes.

12.22 pm - got a birthday gift from Shoeaholic! I had to resist the urge to read it all day... somewhat succeeded - only got to page 19 by the end of the workday.

Afternoon... somewhere between 1 and 4 pm... Felt sleepy... did paperwork so that next week (which I've taken off from work for my birthday and my sanity) I won't be called back to office to fill out anything. Office discussions about work/life/birthdays/cake/baby names/stalkers. 

4.45 pm - called the brother to find out if we needed anything at home... was told to buy bread... I swear bread is perhaps the foodstuff that we eat most.  

5.20 pm - got called a 'sweetheart' by an old lady. I guess I look like a sweetheart?

5.45 pm - talked with the mother about my grandma and my aunt (both from mom's side, both deceased)... she's been thinking about them all day... says that wherever they are she's sure they're thinking about me... talked about how happy people were when I was born (I think people forget that birthdays are also important times for mothers)... talked about having a good life and a good death. 

6.40 pm - the father told me that tomorrow is my birthday!

It's the little moments that make up a life I think... am off to play with/talk to the Cat chile... and try to get to bed before 12.