Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A lot of random talk about muffins.

"I believe the world to be a muffin pan, and there certainly are a lot of muffins here." ~Aaron Funk

I've got muffins on my mind today and since my last few posts have been serious or gloomy I thought I'd do a random post. About muffins. Because muffins rule.

Once upon a time, way back when I was an undergrad, my girl group and I had to do a marketing project. We chose to do it on Kiss Muffins... and then had to do a lot of research and running around to find out information about muffins and Kiss Muffins. Whilst doing research we stumbled across this awesome site by Amy Winfrey and admittedly wasted a bit of time laughing at the various muffin films that she had (there were only 12 then... so pleased to see another 6!).  Some of the running around we did? We chased after a Kiss truck... three girls in a tiny car chasing after a Kiss truck... I'm not sure what the driver thought but he didn't have what we wanted anyway (posters - we wanted posters). These are the events that memories are made of. We eventually pulled together a fabulous presentation (complete with Muffin Man) and got a good grade as well.

Some time before that, I became obsessed with carrot muffins as I've said in this previous post. I find it interesting that I love carrot in both muffins and cake but don't really like it otherwise. Too many years of being told to eat carrots I guess. 

Recently I learnt that the cute guy doesn't like muffins with fruit. Ergh. He shall miss out on all the goodness that is any kind of berry muffin... or apple cinnamon? or banana nut? Ergh? On the other hand... this means more for me... Hmm... :)

Today I logged in to blogger with the intention of randomly talking about muffins... and there, in my blogs that I read list, was this post (savory muffins with sweet potato and feta) from A Veggie Venture... synchronicity... I love it.

Go out and have a muffin people... they're awesome.


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