Thursday, May 24, 2012

Of exhibitions and drama...

"In the degree that we remember and retell our stories and create new ones we become the authors, the authorities, of our own lives." ~Sam Keen

I'm a bit tired this morning - had a somewhat eventful evening yesterday. Thought about blogging about it last night, actually for part of the evening I was very excited about blogging and thinking of what I'd write... but, then there was drama. I needed time to settle.

Life is made up of all sorts of moments.

Yesterday, after work, I went out with some of my work colleagues. Yes, I complain about my workplace... and about management... but the people that I work closely with are fairly awesome. I'm lucky in that, apart from the usual liming that people do, they're willing to go on limes that include such activities as a science and technology exhibition.

Science and Technology Exhibitions are Most Interesting.


NIHERST in collaboration with the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) is currently hosting one of India's top science and technology exhibitions, "India: A Culture of Science", in Trinidad. I'm of the opinion that everyone in Trinidad and Tobago should visit, explore and be amazed by the exhibitions. The information is interesting, the exhibitions impressive, the interactive stuff most fun and the people (guides) are helpful. I had a good time... I'm going to visit again... and again... and encourage everyone I know to visit as well. 

Pretty good evening and then I got in my car and it wouldn't start. This has happened to me before (one time before) and it turned out to be a dead battery at that time. My work ppl were with me and we got other random people to help figure out if it was the battery or not. I called my dad ... a total of 5 times in an hour. Who does one call when one is in need? My first thought would be my dad... I'm thinking that thought needs to be reconsidered. He's very ... practical? Every female friend that I have if they were in a situation as the one I was in yesterday with a car unable to start would call their dad/parent/spouse and that person would waste no time in getting to person as quickly as possible. I call my dad and he's all 'did you try this?'... 'ask someone for jumper cables'... 'switch your car battery with someone else and see if that will start car'... 'why are you giving me attitude?'. I must admit that it's very frustrating trying to explain what's happening when there are a bunch of random men trying to be helpful (do this! try this! maybe it's this!) and two work ppl (one whose mom was wondering where she was) and somewhat no idea of what's happening with car (I did say it wasn't the battery and my dad apparently wasn't listening). *sigh*

Work person wondered why I didn't just call a wrecker... one of the random persons wondered why I didn't say 'sure, let's call the wrecker'. After maybe an hour and all options frustrated and the sky getting dark ... the fifth (5th!) call to my dad resulted in this: 'so... you want me to come then?'... It is very hard to try to sound calm when one wants to scream that of course I want him to come check car because otherwise I'd just stay where I was and do .. what? After an hour and a bit my dad showed up. Random person knew him apparently and said to me that he understood why I didn't want to call the wrecker cuz I'd never hear the end of it. Random person also said I should have told him that I was my dad's daughter... because of course I should tell random ppl who my parents are? I'm not quite sure how that would have helped...

My dad came. We checked the battery, the starter (healthy tumbling = good starter), the fuel lines, oil/gas/fluids, spark plugs, air filter, random other belt things... all was fine. Finally, we disconnected the battery for a bit - apparently the computer (?) in the car sometimes needs resetting - car started when we reconnected the battery. I guess it was having a moment? Didn't want to leave the exhibition? The Universe wanted me to bond with random ppl about 'cars these days'... or be frustrated with parent. I don't know. 

Got home safely (car started on first try this morning!) and one of the first things my mom said to me was.. 'so you had an experience of being an adult'... I wonder how that sounds to other persons. At that time of night and after the frustration that I'd been feeling it was perhaps one of the most poorly timed comments (sidenote - my mom is known for poorly timed comments... with me at least). I'm 29 years old and have been (in some form or another) helping to take care of my family since I was 13. I've had my share of 'adult' experiences. I keep telling myself that it wasn't meant in any way negative - it doesn't change the fact that even thinking about the comment now makes me grumpy. 

I got over it. The mother and I bonded over America's Next Top Model (this show is not as great as it used to be) and talking about my dad and my brother (who is very much like my dad though apparently neither one of them can see that). 

Life is made up of moments... fun and adventure and frustration and exasperation. I'm learning to deal with them as best as I can. 

Happy Thursday all.



Anonymous said...

suppose I shall visit.

Exam will be over tomorrow.

Maybe it is time for a new car.

Unknown said...

Exams are over by now then.. hope you've survived :)

I visited it again yesterday - with my mom and brother... mom was not as excited as I thought she'd be and my brother was more excited than I thought he'd be...

I think it is time for a new car.. plan is to fix this one then sell then find one I can afford to buy.