Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thoughts on a Tuesday...

"Learning is movement from moment to moment." ~Krishnamurti

It's raining outside and I'm finding it very hard to focus on work today. Disruption of schedule, moods caused by the weather, lack of interest in work - it's all adding up to a somewhat unproductive workday.

Had to carry my car to the car-electrician-person today... it is overcharging (?)... reading of 15.2 instead of 13.8... my dad said it was the alternator. I had a mini-lesson in alternators (bearings, brushes, resistor, regulator)... I've found that my dad and I can bond over technical stuff - because though I'm not particularly interested in such stuff, he is... and I can listen if it is something I should know of or really just because he wants to talk about it. I think sometimes that it must be difficult for my dad living with us just because he has a different way of... being... operating? seeing the world. How we are with people and how we are with family can be completely different. Sometimes I think that we don't take as much care as we should with the people that are closest to us.

I've learnt today that my dad tells other people that he's proud of us. I'm proud of him too. I guess it's not that easy to say to each other.

Car-electrician-guy says that the regulator in the alternator is going bad. Too many car part words end in -or. I'm hoping that it's not going to be too expensive to replace.

Got to work just before 11 and perhaps it is that disruption to my regular workday (start at 8) that has me unfocused. It doesn't feel like a day for working.

I'm reading fanfiction. Have I mentioned before that I can get sucked into fanfiction? Stories upon stories and there are some really great writers out there. Found myself reading 'The Paladin Protocol' and thinking of 'Unforgiven' today.

I'm in a mood of sorts. Slightly headachy. Wishing that I had the skill to swirl the thoughts in my head into some sort of physical form. Sometimes words cannot capture it all.

Happy Tuesday world.


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