Thursday, January 3, 2013

Of funds and finances...

Something I need to get back to: saving money. Actually, I think I need to be planning and budgeting and figuring out how best the money that I make should be allocated. I say 'get back to' because once upon a time, when I was in my teens and into the years when I had just started working, I was very much into saving. 

I made money in my teens by working with my dad... and not spending much of it - easy to do when you live at home with your parents. I think the most money I spent then (and now) is on books. When I started working I'd put away a bit every month because ... I thought I'd need it someday. 

I'm not sure where along the line my thoughts on savings changed. Somewhere along the line, among insurance companies being bastards about medical policies, my dad trying to teach us to be responsible and me trying to find my purpose in life, I just decided to let things go. 

Now that I have bills to pay and now that I see just how quickly things can crop up (and how much they can cost) I realise that I do need to better manage my money... and while it's not something I think I'm good at, I'm somewhat thankful for basic accounting classes I've done and the easy access to information about budgeting and saving and whatnot. 

I think it's interesting that I'm thinking about budgeting and the cute guy starts telling me about YNAB. Something to check out... perhaps for January that's what I'll be looking at. Spending and savings and needs and wants.

I want more than I can currently afford. I have various fiscal responsibilities that limit my spending. I need to have some sort of savings.



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i feel partly at fault... i am sorry