Sunday, March 31, 2013

Every day's a holiday...

Or so it seems sometimes. 

It's something that we Trinis joke about - the amount of public holidays that we have in Trinidad and Tobago. The count for this year is 14, though that's only because two fall on the same day this year. These holidays celebrate our heritage. Trinidad and Tobago is known for being a melting pot of many cultures - each culture has their sacred days which are revered and then there are days that celebrate our nation as a whole.

This weekend is Easter Weekend. I'm not a Christian but I'm thankful for having the Friday and Monday (Good Friday/Easter Monday) as holidays. Rest is definitely needed. Yesterday (March 30th) was also Spiritual Baptist/Shouter Liberation Day. Today, members of the Hindu faith celebrated Phagwa... it isn't a public holiday and the actual date for the festival this year was March 27th but, as far as I know, temples and groups celebrated today.


Busy weekend. Spiritual weekend. Celebrations of light and love. 

Do you have something to celebrate? To remember? Something that requires you to pause and give thanks for? I think it's the perfect time for that. 


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