Sunday, April 21, 2013

3 Minutes - Stream of consciousness

Started today in a grumpy mood, ending today in a better mood. Didn't get to sleep till late last night due to our dog barking outside my window. Although he's a small dog he has a big dog voice... and he really likes barking. Woke up to find my car gone because my brother had gone off to yoga with it. Disgruntlement. I didn't want him going anywhere today due to his being in an accident yesterday. Shouldn't he stay home and rest? An almost-concussed person should rest. That's what I thought anyway. Also not pleased with him driving the car too often - am desperately in need of a new car as the current one is falling apart on me. Ergh. The brother doesn't give a hoot about the car unless he needs to go somewhere... it annoys me greatly... shouldn't he help to take care of it if he's using it? *sigh* My dad annoyed me... to the point where I started thinking of moving out. He grumbles a lot about cleanliness and order and organisation but doesn't actually do much about it... expects others [me... since I'm the one he grumbles to...] to take care of whatever he grumbles about. Also talking about 'he's the boss' and 'his house' and such. I wish mom had left her half of the house to my brother and least then I'd be sure of having a place to be. Not quite so sure anymore and that hurts a bit. Both my dad and brother are ready to pack up/give away/get rid of mom's stuff. I'm not ready yet. Grr. *sigh* Went out with the cute guy. He's responsible for the good mood... movie and group lime to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his friend. Hugs and kisses and he makes me laugh. Met an old classmate. Met her husband and young daughter who wanted to claim me. She was fascinated by my nail polish. Nail polish in 'cosmic blue'... I like it. 

Coming up to 3 minutes in 3, 2, 1... done. 



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Anonymous said...

Sounds like adjustments in family life to find the new "norm" after the storm.

Wishing you all the best in using compassion, communication, a sense of humor and prayer in establishing a new routine moving forward.

You (of all people) can do it Ren!