Saturday, April 13, 2013

A bit of self-care

A very close friend of my family has arranged for us to get some wellness treatments today at the Blue Star's Healing and Wellness Centre. Massages for my dad and myself, a reflexology treatment for my brother. It is needed. We are grateful... and will probably be more so by the end of the day.

I mentioned previously that I need to remember that I must take care of myself. I think this period of time is showing me just how much attention I need to pay. I feel tired. I've been saying that awhile. My brother has said that I have more stamina than he does since I've been able to miss sleep a lot of nights while taking care of the mother and then going to work and functioning in a fairly normal fashion. That's all catching up to me though. 

My body is definitely feeling... run down. This is not how I want to be feeling as I approach my birthday. I'd much prefer to be lively. Must devise a plan that allows me to give attention to my spiritual, mental and physical health. It's all related. 

Starting today with a massage and maybe a bit of meditation. 

How do you take care? I could use some advice even if it turns out to be reminders of stuff that I've heard/learnt before. 



Anonymous said...

Hi Ren
Enjoying the blog. I like that you mention holistic relaxation.. body, mind, spirit.

For body I do yoga and run. I also keep an eye on my diet and get nice haircuts and pedicures.
For mind, I use my mantra and read something uplifting everyday and keep good company.
For spirit I meditate and do kundalini yoga and pranayama.
I find when I am grounded in my inner space, I feel light and joyous as opposed to the tiredness I feel when I stay in body consciousness.
You probably alreay do all these things but I just wanted to share with you. xox

Unknown said...

Hi Renee,

Im trying to put me first....hard when you are a mum, wife, housemaker and employee. I have to constantly give back to me.....some quiet time to reflect, some yoga, reading positive readings or even sitting with a cup of coffee in the swing on a Sunday in the hot sun....... it's amazing. Once you take care of yourselves you can give to others

Love u Renee..