Thursday, April 4, 2013

All things change, but nothing dies ~Ovid

My mother passed away last night. I am heartbroken yet joyful. I am yet to let myself fully feel all that I will... for now, we are caught up in the funeral planning and the everyday. I'm taking short moments in between to remember her. It feels as though there is a part of me missing and I must remind myself that it is only the body that has passed... the love and the energy that she embodied is still here.   

At the end of it all it was an easy passing. Both my brother and I suspected that the transition would happen soon and the three of us (my dad, my brother and I) were with her. 

There is one word that describes her passing: "ease". Between one breath and the next. Peaceful. Powerful.  Interestingly enough, some time back I had drawn two cards... for myself, thinking about the mother... I find cards comforting and sometimes an easy way to direct energy, to call attention to what's important. These are the cards I drew:

I thought they were appropriate then... and even more so now. 

A few weeks ago, I was sitting by her bedside and she looked at me and said in a somewhat shocked voice, "You will miss me when I'm gone?!"... Yes, mom, my mama, I will miss you always. 

Love and peace,


GirlBlue said...

So very sorry to learn of your loss Renee. My mother died eight years ago on the April 3rd, I know what must be going through and I wish you and your family all the peace and strength during this time.

Much love


Unknown said...

Thanks for the love :)

I think we're managing ok... at the same time I'm thinking we won't know for sure till time has passed.

love to you as well