Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ashes to ashes

This morning my dad and I are going to collect my mom's ashes. They are called 'cremains' which stands for 'cremated remains' - I find this somewhat amusing. It's an interesting word. 

This evening my family and I will be meeting at the Temple in the Sea to scatter the ashes. My brother says he's keeping some to scatter in Brasso. I'm contemplating keeping some... to have with me in my prayer space. 

I'm not sure yet. I'm also wondering what's going to happen to my ashes in the future. 


Did some searching online and found that there are many things that people do with their loved ones' remains. Apart from the usual keeping of ashes in an urn, in a cemetery plot or niche, or scattering ashes over land/sea/special place, Neatorama has compiled a list of the "10 weirdest things you can do with your ashes".  It's an interesting list - would you like your cremains made into a diamond? Diamonds are one of my birth stones (though I prefer other gemstones)... so, maybe? Then what? What would happen to the diamond that used to be my remains?! The other suggestion that I liked was to "melt and cut ashes into stained glass designs"... it sounds appealing - I'm all about the pretty. Stained glass is pretty. Hmm. 

More searching has led me to this awesome site that offers many options/ideas for one's ashes. Keep ashes in different types of urns -water urns, burial urns, discreet urns, biodegradable-become-a-tree urns! Incorporate ashes into jewellery, paintings, sculptures! Scatter ashes by air or water! 

Huh. I was feeling a bit blue at the beginning of this post but after seeing how many things one can do with ashes I feel much better. Perhaps it's the shopping aspect... or the fact that there are others out there who need ideas with what to do with cremains.  


I'm going to keep a bit of my mom's ashes. I'll figure out what I want to do with them in time. I know her Spirit is ever with me but, I also know there's going to be a time or two when I need something tangible around. A reminder that yes, her physical body is no longer here but She always will be.

All my love mama. 


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Anonymous said...

It is a fantastic and comforting idea to keep some of the ashes but in a private place not on your mantlepiece... it might make your date nervous :)